Late nights, a not-so-healthy diet and extra sun exposure can all take its toll when it comes skin health and appearance so if you’re hoping to show off a gorgeous summer glow this year, you’ll need to do a little prep work now to get Insta-worthy skin.

Here are our top tips for giving your skin a pre-summer boost so you can rock beautiful skin all the way through to autumn.


Get Ready with Your Skin for the Summer Season



You are what you eat (and drink!)

What we put in our bodies can have a knock-on effect on our energy levels and the appearance of our skin. Too much processed and unhealthy foods can make skin look sallow and unhealthy, so opt for a balanced diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and grains.

Likewise, one too many glasses of wine a few times a week can dehydrate the skin and increase the appearance of fine lines, so if you want perfectly plump looking skin, say no to that third glass.



Shed that winter skin

The colder months really can take their toll, so to encourage the growth of new cells and to remove flaky, dull-looking skin, we recommend a mild skin peel treatment for skin rejuvenation and renewal.

Our Obagi Blue Peel Radiance will not only reveal instantly fresher, brighter skin but through thorough exfoliation, will improve your overall complexion and result in tighter, smoother skin ready for summer.




Don’t forget to protect your skin

UV rays can result in hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and generally speed up the ageing process, so regardless of whether you’re jetting off on a sun-soaked holiday or just popping to the shops for a bottle of milk, you’ll need to protect your skin.

Ensure you add a good quality moisturiser with excellent UV protection to your daily beauty routine and always use sunscreen to keep your skin happy and healthy.



Get a free consultation

If you have a particular skin challenge that’s holding your beauty goals back this summer, a free consultation from the experienced team at Medical Cosmetics can help tackle your skin issues and provide the best course of action to get the summer glow you’ve been dreaming of.

From innovative facials using the latest technology to full body laser hair removal treatments, our free consultation can give you a tailored approach to your summer skin goals, so book your appointment today to get started.

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