Fans of Love Island wishing to emulate their favourite couples are being urged to beware of advertising promoting the Love Island look by top-rated aesthetics clinic, Medical Cosmetics. The Nottingham clinic wants fans to be well-informed about the risks of imitating the islanders’ treatments with cut-price offers flooding social media channels now the winners have been revealed.

Nottingham Cosmetics Clinic about Love Islander imitations

Nottingham Cosmetics Clinic about love island injectables

Many providers of bargain injectable treatments are touting their wares using popular social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram in a bid to attract new business from those that wish to replicate the sun-kissed skin and perfect pouts of this year’s contestants, but Dr Asher Siddiqi from Medical Cosmetics says these low quality, at home injectables can potentially end in disaster.

Many at home injectables can use low-grade chemicals for DIY use, but this can open up a range of problems for anyone with no experience with this type of aesthetic beauty treatment.

From pain and swelling to unexpected results, poorly skilled practioners and DIY kits can actually leave fans with permanent and irreversible damage.


What does Dr Siddiqi, from Nottingham Cosmetics Clinic say?

Those looking for lip enhancements and injectable treatments should always seek out the skills of a trained professional and experienced clinic.  A free consultation should also be offered, giving those undergoing the treatment information to make an informed decision, get a realistic idea of anticipated results and learn more about aftercare before making an appointment.

“With the popularity of aesthetic treatments growing thanks to Love Island, the number of injectable offerings flooding social media is at an all-time high,” says Dr Siddiqi.  “Sadly, many of these imitations can cause more harm than good. If an offer seems unusually cheap, you can’t find reviews online or the practioner can’t produce proof of their training and qualifications, it’s best to steer clear.”

From questionable quality injectables that can be applied at home to inexperienced salons offering cut-price procedures without a consultation beforehand, followers of the show should be cautious before opting for any type of treatment and insist upon finding out more before parting with their hard-earned cash.


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