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Medical Cosmetics specializes in body care services, with a varied palette of revolutionary procedures that offer immediate results. Our body care services address all people who want to prevent or treat some imperfections of the body and regain the desired shape.

With state-of-the-art devices, professional products, the latest procedures, and an intensive experience in aesthetic body remodeling, we will help you obtain efficient and lasting results.

These body remodeling treatments performed in our clinic will help you get rid of extra inches, enjoy the much-desired shape of your body and, at the same time, benefit from moments of relaxation in a pleasant and welcoming space.


Body Care Treatments at Medical Cosmetics in Nottingham


  • Soprano Body Laser Hair Reduction. We perform advanced treatments that focus on long-lasting results that are suitable for all skin types. Soprano Ice Platinum Laser hair removal can produce highly effective results on feet, bikini line, shoulders, chest, back, upper legs.
  • 3D Lipo & Vaser Liposuction. Meet a revolutionary body care treatment for both women and men. Unlike Liposuction, Vaser Liposuction is a new cosmetic procedure less invasive and quicker recovery period. It helps you to eliminate those unwanted fatty deposits on your body so that you can enjoy a perfect life, with no effort.
  • Stretch Mark Reduction offers permanent results, tightens, rejuvenates and smooths the skin. The stretch marks are erased with latest a micro-needling device, that can perform customized treatments.
  • HIFU Skin Treatments use high intensity focused ultrasound to knock out unaesthetic fat on the body. You will see the results after the first intervention, that is not surgical. You can enjoy long lasting results with zero downtime.
  • 3D Lipomed Dermology. We will help you fight cellulite with no effort and your skin will remain smoother, more lovely. 3D Lipomed Dermology is a mix of vacuum, skin roller and radiofrequency that targets and destroy the fat cells of the body.


  • LED Body Treatments are 100% safe and pain-free. LED Body procedures are suitable for all types of skin and offer amazing results: glowing and smoother skin. Easily treat scarring, rosacea, acne, pigmentation.