Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal

 Frequently Asked Questions about Soprano Body Laser Hair Removal

What is Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal?

At Medical Cosmetics, we’re proud to be one of the only clinics to offer Soprano laser hair
removal in Nottingham. This revolutionary laser is one of the most painless of hair removal
options, and can produce highly effective results on many areas of the body:

Small areas: fingers, feet, areola, lips and chin

Medium areas: bikini line, underarms, lower arms, shoulders

Larger areas: back, chest, lower legs, upper legs

View a full list of treatable areas on our prices page.


What makes Soprano body laser hair removal different?

Unlike other types of laser hair treatment in Nottingham, the Soprano laser uses SHR (super
hair removal) technology. This technology is based on low levels of heat, rather than the high
heats of other lasers, which produces the same great hair removal effects while minimising the common risks of high heat lasers, like burns, blistering, and scarring.

Is laser hair removal right for me?
The Soprano laser works best on dark hairs which contain a greater amount of melanin — a
pigment in the hair which gives it its colour — because the heat energy is better absorbed,
producing more noticeable results. For those with lighter coloured hairs, it may be best to look into other forms of effective laser hair treatments in Nottingham.

Call and speak to the Medical Cosmetics team – we’ll discuss your options with you and find a suitable treatment solution that will work for your body.

Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal can also be less effective on people with darker skin as the heat energy is absorbed at the surface, preventing it from travelling deeper into the sub dermal layer. Again, other types of laser hair removal in Nottingham may prove to be a more suitable option, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the options available to you.

What happens during the treatment?
Following a consultation to ensure that the Soprano laser is the most effective and efficient
permanent hair removal option for you, our skilled aesthetic team will begin the treatment.
Soprano Ice Platinum treatments are typically quicker than other solutions, with small areas
generally taking around 15 minutes, and larger areas taking 30 minutes. However, treatment
times can vary depending on the density of the hair, and the area that the laser is targeting.
Are Soprano treatments safe?
The Soprano laser is very safe. However, if you have a history of cancer, are pregnant, are
taking medications, or have cold sores, Soprano may not be recommended.
How should I prepare for treatment?
It is best to avoid waxing, shaving, or plucking before treatment, although you may be advised to trim the hair prior to your appointment. Skin should also not be tanned.
Is Soprano painful?
The Soprano laser is one of the most pain-free laser hair treatments in Nottingham. However,
you may feel some discomfort. It has been likened to a hot stone massage.
Who can get a Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment?

The Soprano Ice Laser Hair removal procedure works best for people with darker complexions because darker skin absorbs better the heat energy generated in the process. If you want to know if this laser hair removal technique is suitable for you, one of our specialists will offer you more information regarding the best hair removal treatment for your skin.

Is Sopranos Ice efficient for hair removal?

After this laser hair removal treatment, you can see the results as soon as 2 weeks. You will need a minimum of 8 sessions to remove all unwanted hair, but the effect of the procedure is highly effective in reducing hair growth in various areas of the body. Keep in mind that results might vary for every person.

Can I get Sopranos Ice laser hair removal near me?

Medical Cosmetics Clinic is the only clinic that can offer you this laser hair removal treatment in Nottingham. You can schedule an appointment here

How does Soprano Ice laser hair removal work?

This laser hair removal treatment uses a technique based on low levels of heat, which makes it less painful and more efficient. The procedure is based on destroying the hair follicle of unwanted hair and guarantees a decrease in hair growth.

How is this procedure different than other laser hair removal treatments?

The Soprano Ice Laser hair removal is almost pain-free. If you’re looking for a procedure that helps you reduce hair growth most safely, the soprano ice laser might be the best option for you. This laser hair removal treatment causes less discomfort, offers great results, and has been considered a safe procedure for numerous skin types.

30 – 90 Minutes
icon-anesthetic-cellulite reduction procedure
icon-recovery-time-cellulite reduction
Immediate or 72 Hours Estimated*
Long Term Results
Mild Redness, Skin Irritation, Itchiness
Minimum of 8 Sessions Recommended
icon-list cellulite reduction procedure
2 Weeks Estimated*

* Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal results can vary from person to person

price for cellulite reduction

Starts From £25

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