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Professional Passive Tattoo Reduction

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Luminette Q Tattoo Reduction Machine

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Reduction of Black and Blue Tattoos

3 Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoo Reduction

What colours of tattoo ink can you treat?

As 90% of tattoos being reduced are dark/black pigments, the LUMINETTE Q’s 1064nm application is perfect for reducing these colours. The LUMINETTE Q’s 532nm handpiece is ideal for treatment of less frequent, but still sometimes required, red, purple, and orange ink pigments, as well as superficial pigmentation e.g. sun damage. 

Why can’t it treat all colours?

The majority of colours are treatable. However, rare, pale colours such as yellow and white are extremely difficult to reduce with ANY laser. This is due to the lack of target chromophores to absorb the laser light.

What is Luminette Q tattoo reduction machine?

Super tattoo reduce machine

The Luminette Q tattoo reduce machine is a source of high-intensity Q-switched Laser. Based on state-of-the-art laser technology the Luminette Q is capable of delivering pulse fluences of up to 22.6J/cm2 from a compact, portable, desktop unit.

This passive Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser will help us fade and reduce professional, amateur or traumatic tattoos. It comes with intuitive, easy-to-use software to provide full control over treatment parameters.

Tattoo removal – How does it work?

The energy from the laser sends waves through the ink causing it to vibrate and shatter. These smaller particles are then removed by the body’s waste disposal system.

Many people will notice that their tattoo fades over time or “bleeds out”. This is the body attempting to remove the ink as it sees it as a foreign body. The application of laser speeds up this process.

Dark ink responds better than pale ink. This is due to the laser being attracted to dark pigments and is reflected from white pigment. So black and blue ink is made predominantly with black pigment compared to yellow and pink which is predominantly white based.

There is no standard for tattoo ink to be manufactured to which causes tattoo removal to be an inexact science. A black ink tattoo is expected to achieve at least 80% reduction but this can take from 6-20 treatments. The depth at which the ink has been deposited will also account to the success of reduction.

90 – 120 Minutes
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Long Lasting


Redness, Skin Irritation, Pain


1 Treatment Recommended

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* Tattoo reduction results can vary from person to person


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