A Skincare Routine doesn’t need to be complicated

I am frequently asked “why do I need so many products to get the results I want?” And the simple answer is, you don’t! A skin care routine doesn’t need to be complicated and in some cases only 4 products are needed to maintain the perfect canvas of your skin. The bigger question should be, “am I using the right products for my concern?” Many people would answer no to this question and that is where a thorough skin consult with a fully qualified skin professional makes all the difference.


4 Staple products for your skincare routine

best products for skincare routine

So what are these 4 staple products that create the foundations to our skincare routine. Firstly, a good quality cleanser. Your cleanser is going to wash away any makeup, impurities and oils that are on the skin leaving it ready to allow the next key ingredients to pass through to the layers they are needed.

Secondly, a top quality Vitamin C serum encourages the collagen and elastin fibres to rebuild and become stronger. It will also assist in the storage of hyaluronic acid in the skin keeping more hydration in the cells.

To complete our daytime routine a physical SPF – sunscreen – should be applied to protect the skin from UV and pollution damage. When UV rays hit the skin they stimulate free radicals to break down healthy cells, this is our main cause of ageing! By protecting the skin from these rays we can delay fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation from forming.

In the evening our hero product Retinol is the last of our 4 essential products. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and skin texture, while evening skin tone.

perfect skincare routine

Where skin care routines can become more complicated is when we have a concern we want to treat. This is where targeted serums can be introduced. In many cases only one additional product is required and more often than not is only needed to be used once a day meaning the products last longer!


So if you need help creating the perfect skincare routine get in touch today!

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