We already know that some types of blue light are bad for the skin. Sunlight, for example, is a form of blue light that can cause significant skin damage. But how about other types of blue light? Can these lights be just as detrimental to overall skin health?


What is blue light?

The visible light spectrum is the light that our eyes can see, and the wavelengths of visible light range from around 400 – 495nm. Blue light is a form of visible light with wavelengths of between 400 – 450nm, and these are the wavelengths of light emitted from computers, televisions, phone screens, and LED lighting. This type of blue light has been shown to be a stimulant, affecting the sleep/wake cycle (which is why we shouldn’t use devices before bed), and it has also been suggested that blue light could have an impact upon vision and eye health… but can it be harmful to the skin, too?

Is blue light damaging to skin?

The short answer is yes. Although blue light emitted from technological devices isn’t quite as damaging as many people think, it still features harmful UVA and UVB rays, just like sunlight. American dermatologist Dr. Murad estimates that spending 32 hours a week in front of a computer screen is the equivalent of 20 minutes in full sunlight.

As this shows, blue light emitted from phones and computer screens isn’t as urgent a concern in terms of skin health as the summer sun, but the fact remains that any type of blue light will have the same overall effect on the skin as sunlight; speeding up the oxidation process and ultimately contributing to hyperpigmentation and other symptoms of sun exposure, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and skin dryness and tightness.

Fighting the effects of blue light

Of course, phones, tablets, and computers have become an essential part of everyday life. Just as we can’t always avoid going outside into the sun, we can’t always avoid other sources of blue light, so the best thing that we can do to protect our skin is simply to take care of it. It’s a good idea to wear suncream every day (yes, even when it’s not sunny!), moisturise regularly, and give your skin a little boost with a facial every so often.

If you’re already experiencing some of the effects of blue light, there are a few easy yet effective ways to minimise the signs of aging, like mesotherapy anti-wrinkle treatment which is a quick, minor procedure which could create results that last for years.


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