Ever wondered how celebrities never seem to age like the rest of us? Is it their amazing diet? Fantastic skincare regime? Or do dermal fillers have a role to play in their perfect pouts and youthful looking skin?

Dermal fillers were once reserved for the likes of the rich and famous, but in more recent years and with the advent of better availability of high-quality products, more and more members of the public have been able to try out the fantastic effects of this quick and relatively painless procedure for themselves.

But that doesn’t mean that those A-list celebs have done away with discreet dermal fillers to fight the signs of aging. Let’s take a peek at some big names that use dermal fillers on a regular basis to stay red carpet ready.

Celebrity dermal filler fans

3 Famous Celebrities and Their Interest in Dermal Filler


1. Madonna

The queen of pop, Madonna isn’t afraid to admit that she’s had a little help maintaining a youthful look from her dermal filler friends. With treatments to her chin, lips and cheeks, the clever use of fillers helps the legendary singer plump up key areas and reduce the appearance of sagging skin, helping her look far younger than her sixty years.


2. Cindy Crawford

Gorgeous in the ’80s and still looking great today, the supermodel isn’t shy when it comes to talking about her use of dermal fillers to maintain her stunning looks. At 53 years of age, Cindy could still pass herself off as a much younger woman thanks to her super smooth looking skin.


3. Kylie Jenner

No stranger to the odd cosmetic procedure, Kylie Jenner likes to look good and isn’t afraid of a little help to achieve it! Rumours are that she’s had dermal fillers in her lips, forehead and cheeks to give a perfect pout and youthful looking skin.


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Luckily for us, dermal fillers no longer come with a celebrity price tag, so it’s an affordable, effective and pain-free way of achieving tight and smooth skin and fending off the signs of ageing.

If you’ve been thinking of taking the plunge and want to try dermal fillers out for yourself, then call the team at Medical Cosmetics today on 0115 981 8801. We’ll arrange a free consultation so our our skilled and experienced team can talk you through the process and discuss areas where you would benefit from the use of dermal fillers.

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