Dermaplaning In Nottingham

4 Frequently Asked Questions about Dermaplaning

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning, also know as microplaning is a skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face. 

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning aims to make your skin’s surface smooth, youthful, and radiant. This treatment claims to remove deep scarring from acne and uneven pockmarks on your skin. It’s also used to remove “peach fuzz,” the short, soft hairs on your face.

Dermaplaning can be used for any skin type and anyone with:

  • acne scars
  • dull skin
  • dry skin
  • sun-damaged skin
  • fine wrinkles
What happens during the procedure?

During a dermaplaning treatment, you shouldn’t feel any pain, though you may feel a tingling sensation.

After you’re relaxed and your face has been cleansed we will use a dermaplaning tool to scrape over your skin at a 45-degree angle. This will continue for roughly 20 to 30 minutes as we work to gently exfoliate the skin.

After the treatment is finished we will soothe your skin and apply sunscreen to protect your face.


Are there any risks and side effects?

Dermaplaning is low-risk. Side effects may include slight redness in your face in the hours after getting the treatment. Some people develop whiteheads on their skin in the day or two after dermaplaning.

Infection and scarring are rare but if you do develop a scar from dermaplaning, visit your doctor. 

Another possible side effect is a patchy skin pigment in the area where you have the treatment, which may decrease or disappear as time goes on.

Preparing for dermaplaning

Before you have a dermaplaning treatment, you’ll need to have a consultation. Your medical history, skin type, and skin colouring will all be discussed, as well as your desired results.

If you have an active acne flare-up, you may need to reschedule your appointment to avoid irritating your skin further or tearing your skin’s surface.

You’ll also need to avoid direct sun exposure in the week prior to your appointment, as sun damage, such as a sunburn, could compromise your skin and make the treatment painful.


45 Minutes

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Immediate or 24 Hours Estimated*

8 Weeks


Possible Skin Irritation and Redness


Course of 6 Treatments Recommended

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Visible Immediately*

* Results can vary from person to person
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Starts From £50

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