Hydro Facials In Nottingham

Frequently Asked Questions about Hydro Facials

What is a Hydro Facial?

A hydro facial is an advanced non – invasive skin rejuvenating and resurfacing treatment of the face, neck and hands. AQUANOR Hydro Facial uses multi – step technology and skin peeling solutions to soften, exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin.

What can be treated with hydro facials?

AQUANOR Hydro Facial is used to:

Improve fine lines and wrinkles
Reduce acne and pigmentation
Improve congested pores and uneven, dull skin
Improve dry and dehydrated skin

At Medical Cosmetics Nottingham, we normally recommend that your AQUANOR Hydro Facial consists of a series of 6 -10 treatments with approximately 2 weeks between them. However, some cases may require further procedures.

What happens during the treatment?

AQUANOR Hydro Facial treatment is carried out using a three step process. During the treatment the combination of abrasive vacuum based tip and solutions consisting AHA, BHA acids, antioxidants and peptides is used to help detoxify the skin, extract impurities, stimulate collagen and provide long lasting hydration. After just one AQUANOR Hydro Facial treatment clients see smoother, cleaner and more radiant skin. To get the best results a minimum of one treatment per month is recommended for improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, oily and congested skin. The AQUANOR treatment can be done as often as every 2 weeks or once a month, depending on the condition being treated.

What can be expected after the treatment?

Immediately after your AQUANOR Hydro Facial treatment a mild redness might be present. This will start to subside straight after the treatment and will normally recover within the same day. In most cases there is no downtime after the treatment.

What is a Hydrofacial treatment?

It is a non-invasive skin treatment, that combines exfoliation, cleansing, and hydration in a single efficient procedure. The purpose of the procedure is to help the skin look younger, with specific cleaning of the impurities and dead skin cells, and to deliver nourishing hydrating serums to the skin.

What is a hydro peel treatment?

The hydro peel is a skin-friendly peeling procedure that helps your skin look younger, without the side effects of a chemical peel.
If you have specific skin concerns and a chemical peel might be too harsh for your skin, a hydra skin could be the right option.

For what skin types is a Hydrafacial recommended?

The Hydrafacial procedure is recommended for any skin type, regardless of age and skin tone. Your Hydrafacial specialist might advise you to postpone the procedure if you have a sunburn, a rash, or very irritated skin.

Hydrafacial in Nottingham - How much does it cost?

The procedure starts at 75 pounds, and the cost depends on the area treated.
Hydrafacial treatment can be applied to the face, neck, or hands and the cost may vary for specific areas.

Who can get a Hydrafacial treatment?

Regardless of skin type and skin concerns, the minimally invasive Hydrafacial procedure can be beneficial for any skin type. It can help with skin dehydration, acne or redness, enlarged pores, and wrinkles. If you have specific skin concerns, a cosmetic specialist will help you understand if the procedure is the best option for you.

How does Hydrafacial treatment work?

Using salicylic and glycolic acid and HydraPeel tips, a professional will clean your face skin of dead skin cells and impurities that are clogging your pores. At the same time, your skin is hydrated and nourished with powerful serums, thus obtaining a healthy, plum, and fresh look.

Aquanor Hydro Facials – Cosmetic Procedure at Medical Cosmetics

30 -45 Minutes
icon-anesthetic-cellulite reduction procedure
icon-recovery-time-cellulite reduction
8 Weeks
Possible Skin Irritation and Redness

6 – 10 Treatments, 4 weeks apart each session. Recommended Depending on Concern

icon-list cellulite reduction procedure
Visible Immediately
* Results can vary from person to person
price for cellulite reduction
Starts From £75

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