Skin breakouts can happen to us all, and there are many different reasons why your once smooth skin may begin to suffer with blemishes. Ultimately, however, it all comes down to blocked pores and hair follicles. So what is one of the biggest offenders for blocking follicles and causing temporary breakouts?


Tips to help you Fight the Post-Gym Breakout

The gym.

Sure, the gym is excellent for helping us to keep active and stay healthy, but a good workout session can wreak havoc on the skin. When we workout, we sweat, and when we sweat we’re essentially inviting all sorts of airborne dust and dirt to stick to our moist skin, increasing the risk of clogged pores.

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Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to fight that frustrating post-gym breakout:

  • Take a Shower

The easiest way to reduce the risk of a post-gym breakout is simply to take a shower after working out, taking care to wash your face thoroughly and wipe away any sweat, dirt, and general gym grime. Don’t forget to moisturise to ensure your skin is well hydrated; sweat contains salt that can cause dryness.

  • Go Fresh-Faced

If you tend to wear makeup to the gym, then that’s a habit that should be broken. Ideally, you shouldn’t have anything on your face that can increase the risk of clogged pores, including cosmetics. Try to stay as fresh-faced as possible while you’re at the gym, and put your makeup on after taking a shower.

  • Celebrate the 80s

Sweatbands may well be an icon of the 80s, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in the modern gym. Sweatbands can be great for stopping sweat from running down onto your face, but make sure to remove them as soon as you’re done working out; long term use can increase the risk of acne.

  • Separate Your Towels

Many of us want to pack light when we head to the gym, but it’s definitely worth taking two separate towels: one to use as you’re working out, and a fresh one to use after showering. Cross-contamination can mean that sweat and dirt and dust spreads easily, so try to keep it contained to just one towel.

  • Take Care of Your Skin to Fight the Post-Gym Breakout

Taking good care of your skin in-between gym sessions is another good way to fight the post-gym breakout. Building an AM & PM skincare routine at home can help to keep your skin clean and fresh, while specialised treatments such as facials and skin peels can give you an extra added boost.

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