The doctor behind leading Nottinghamshire clinic, Medical Cosmetics is warning beauty fans in the city not to be tempted by potentially dangerous at home Botox treatments after a worrying spike in at home kits and unlicensed treatments.

Nottingham Aesthetic Clinic Warning about At Home Botox Treatments

With more and more men and women enjoying the age-defying benefits of Botox, a range of at home treatments has begun to flood the UK market – without the appropriate supervision of a medical professional, those opting for an at-home treatment could open themselves up to a host of dangerous complications. Botox works by paralysing the muscle tissues to achieve smooth and wrinkle-free skin, but what many individuals that opt for a home-based DIY treatment don’t know, is that if the toxin is injected into the wrong area of the face or the dosage is too high, issues such as loss of feeling, abnormal growths or drooping eyelids can occur.

Leading Nottingham Aesthetic Clinic warns against at home botox

Medical Cosmetics urges anyone considering lower-cost alternatives to think twice before opting for home-based, self-injectable Botox treatments, and instead seek out a reputable clinic for the procedure.

Medical Cosmetics, based in West Bridgford, has a qualified doctor on staff at all times. The Nottingham clinic has been based in the city since 2005, with all treatments carried out by a qualified medical practitioner in a thoroughly sanitised clinic environment.


Dr Asher Siddiqi, from Nottingham Aesthetic Clinic

Dr Asher Siddiqi, from Medical Cosmetics, said “The dangers of at home Botox treatments cannot be understated, and there have been several instances of patients suffering side effects that have blighted their lives”

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“With any type of cosmetic treatment, it’s vital to seek out a regulated, professional and licensed practioner as that is the only way to ensure the treatment is correctly administrated. Speak to others for clinic recommendations, look at reviews online and above all make sure you’re dealing with someone who is genuinely a medical professional. You should always be offered a consultation and if you feel at all unsure, don’t go ahead. It may seem like a bargain at the time but the price you end up paying could be much higher.”

Medical Cosmetics treatments include dermal fillers for plump, luscious lips, a wide range of innovative facial treatments and 3D LipoMed sessions to help shift stubborn fatty deposits.

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