Top East Midlands cosmetics clinic, Medical Cosmetics has become the first UK clinic to offer the ultra-innovative Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal treatment.

Revolutionary Hair Removal Technique

Created by Germany-based Alma Lasers, Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal is already a proven success in Europe with Medical Cosmetics now committed to making this revolutionary treatment more accessible to those living in the United Kingdom.

Soprano Ice Platinum differs from existing laser hair removal options already offered in the UK. It features trio-clustered diode technology which utilises three distinct wavelengths within a single device. This combination of wavelengths extends the reach of the technology, allowing the lightweight, easy-to-use device to target a wider range of tissue depths, and break down varying anatomical structures found within the follicle.

Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal treats

young woman receiving laser hair removal epilation on face. laser skin care concept

Soprano Ice Platinum Hair Removal Procedure

The most advanced hair removal technology to date, Soprano Ice Platinum combines its triple diode technique with the same SHR (super hair removal) method used by the renowned Alma Laser, making hair removal virtually painless. It works by delivering powerful bursts of energy to heat the hair follicles, creating damage at the root and significantly slowing the rate of regrowth. This heat is counteracted by integrated ICE™ technology which cools the skin, resulting in very little pain.

“The UK is really lagging behind in this area, with many clinics still using the 810nm wavelength exclusively. It was once considered to be the gold standard in laser hair removal but is no longer cutting-edghe,” explains Dr Asher Siddiqi from Medical Cosmetics. “We believe that taking a combined approach really does produce the best results. We’re proud to be the only clinic in the UK to have the latest model of Soprano Ice hair removal. It is already a huge talking point in Germany and across Europe and we expect it to be hugely in demand here, especially with summer fast approaching.”

Soprano Ice Platinum is shown to be safer and more effective for darker skin and can cut treatment time in half. Research by Alma Lasers suggests that 85% hair removal can be achieved through just 4-6 treatments, each lasting less than 30 minutes.

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