Top East Midlands aesthetic clinic, Medical Cosmetics has seen an influx of Nottingham beauty fans requesting its innovative mesotherapy treatments for total skin rejuvenation and to treat common skin concerns ahead of the summer getaway.


What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a safe and effective treatment and is carried out at the West Bridgford clinic by a team of doctors and highly skilled aesthetic practitioners. It uses a series of tiny needles to inject a boost of nutrients into the facial epidermis, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helping to restore the skin’s natural radiance.

Using medical-grade tiny needles, a cocktail of potent ingredients is injected into the middle layer of the skin including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They plump the skin and promote the production of collagen and elastin.

The advanced treatment can also be used to target problem areas around the eyes to give a fresh and wide-eyed look by stimulating the skin’s metabolism and creating a firmer appearance.


About Mesotherapy procedures

mesotherapy procedures

Mesotherapy treatments are proving to be popular with clients of all ages and sexes. A qualified member of the Medical Cosmetics team takes just 45 minutes to perform the treatment with results lasting around 12 months, making it the perfect lunch hour treatment that really delivers.

“One of the latest treatments to make its way to the UK, Mesotherapy is fast becoming a very popular treatment for those seeking beautifully plump and youthful looking skin,” explains Dr Asher Siddiqi from Medical Cosmetics.

“With a single treatment delivering great results and costing from as little as £175, we’ve been overwhelmed with interest and are pleased to be helping beauty fans get the skin they’ve always dreamed of this summer.”

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