What are Russian Lips? 

The term “Russian lips” refers to a technique that raises the pink of the top lip higher, whilst the bottom lip drops lower giving a deep ‘V’ shaped curve toward the chin. This technique tends to lift the lip rather than add volume, giving a flatter appearance from the side. This shape gives a “Russian doll” aesthetic.

What’s the Difference Between Russian and Natural Lips? 

The classic lip creates a heart shaped lip, lips maintain a nice and full shape centrally. From the side lips look juicy and hydrated. The key difference with the Russian lip technique uk is that it keeps the lips flatter from the side. Unlike traditional lip filler, an injector employing the Russian Lip technique injects the product working from the inside out, rather than starting from the lip border and working inward. Russian lips may also require slightly more filler than other methods to achieve the desired effect. The below images demonstrate the classic lip filler technique.

Why Are Russian Lips Trending? 

The trend began due to the desire for lips that are larger in volume and plumpness, without the worry of filler migration or the ‘duck lips’ look that many want to avoid. Russian lips are especially popular with those that desire noticeably larger lips, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. Below are a few examples of very different styles and outcomes that can be achieved using this technique.

*These images show the lips immediately after treatment where some swelling is visible, this usually goes down within a couple of days.

What is Lip Filler? 

Lip enhancement treatments use hyaluronic acid lip injections, which are injected directly into the lip area. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found within the cells of the body, but which can diminish over time leaving the lips looking flat and deflated. Here at Medical Cosmetics we use a gel form of hyaluronic that mimics the effect of the body’s own stores, creating a boost which enhances the natural appearance of the lip. As a non-invasive beauty treatment, lip fillers are a safe treatment when carried out by a trained practitioner, like our Dr Siddiqi and when using high quality injectable products. With the lip injections that we use, such as Teoxane and Juverderm®, it is expected that results will last anywhere from 6 months to one year.


Russian lips vs normal filler – What is the difference?

The main difference between clasic lip fillers and Russian lip fillers is that the Russian lips emphasis the upper lip. Also, this beautiful lips enhance the cupid’s bow eminence, that proeminence that can be really attractive.
Compared to normal or classic lip filler, in the russian lip filler technique (or trom the inside out technique) the injection of the product is made vertically. The injector starts at the base of the lip and then the filler is injected toward the border.

Does russian lip filler migrate?

Many women ask if there is something like lip filler migration and we have to say that this side effect is very rare. Of course, you can avoid russian lip filler migrate by choosing one of our extremely qualified doctors at Medical Cosmetics. If fillers are not performed by experienced and qualified doctors, then you can face filler migration, although this is really out of the ordinary.

Exactly how much filler should be injected for Russian Lips?

It seems that the amount of the fillers shold be between 0.5 m and 1 ml.


Can You Get Russian Lips at Medical Cosmetics? 

Absolutely! This is best for lips that have not had filler previously but this isn’t a necessity. Whilst the pain level is usually no different, the Russian technique does risk significantly more bruising and swelling initially, so this is something to be mindful of if you’re considering this procedure. Despite this, some of our patients feel that the Russian technique is less painful and more comfortable than some other treatments e.g. injections along the vermillion border. You can read more about our lip filler treatments, here

Russian lip filler treatment

Can I get Russian lip filler at your aesthetic clinic?


Our qualified aesthetic team has a vast experience in lip enhancement procedures. If you’re looking for an aesthetic cosmetic clinic near you, keep in mind that you can find us easily in Nottingham and we provide an extended range of aesthetic procedures.
The Russian lip filler has been a popular and demanded procedure in the last few years, and we will be glad to offer you a detailed consultation if you need professional advice before choosing the right lip filler procedure that would suit you best.


Russian lip filler in Nottingham – aesthetic beauty center prices


If you want to give your lips that plum, rounded shape, that makes you look like a Russian doll, you will need an amount of 0.5 up to 1.0 ml of lip filler. Our prices for lip filler procedures start at £175 and can vary accordion to the technique you prefer and the amount of filler required for the injection.


How can I decide where to get Russian lip filler?


It would be best to get this procedure at a specialized aesthetic clinic, that has an experienced team and uses the safest fillers. Here at Medical Cosmetics, we use a form of hyaluronic acid that is similar to the one that your body produces and we take pride in our specialists and their skills. If you’re trying to decide what clinic is the best for you, our advice is to fully research their method and references, and you can also read their aesthetic clinic reviews.



Is Russian lip filler a painful procedure?


The level of pain that you will feel during the procedure might vary. To ensure minimal discomfort for this lip treatment, our aesthetic cosmetic clinic uses a topical anesthetic to numb the area before the injections are done. Within the first hours after the aesthetic procedure, the area of the injection can make you feel a moderate level of pain or discomfort, that will fade in the following days, as the swelling subsides.



Who can perform a Russian lip filler procedure?


Here at Medical Cosmetics, the lip enhancement procedure is performed by an aesthetic doctor. The procedure is quick and safe, and our team will make sure you are informed, comfortable and happy with the result of your procedure.


How long does the Russian lip filler procedure take?


If you want to get this type of aesthetic treatment and you’re worried about your busy everyday schedule, you’ll be happy to know that it takes only 30 minutes. Our team will make sure you are ready for the procedure and will inform you about the aftercare of your lips so that you can enjoy the results of this aesthetic treatment for as long as 12 months after your injections.


When will I see the results of the Russian lip filler procedure?


The results are noticeable immediately, although your lips will be swollen right after the aesthetic procedure. The swelling will reside after approximately 2 days and you can enjoy your new look as soon as the injection area heals.


Is Russian lip filler right for me?


If you want to make sure that this lip enhancement technique is suitable for you and for your face shape, our aesthetic clinic has created two filters that can help you decide. You can find them on our Instagram page and you can send us a picture of the filter you wish to look like.

If you need help making a decision, our team can give you more details regarding our lip enhancement procedures, so that you can choose the one that is right for you.


Is there an aesthetic doctor near me that can perform Russian lip filler?


If you’re near Nottingham, our team can help you get a safe and quick lip filler procedure. To find a doctor near you, reach out to the aesthetic clinics in your area and see which one can offer you this specific procedure.


Does the Russian lip filler procedure take more time to heal?


Most reviews state that traditional lip fillers and Russian lip fillers have very similar healing periods. The pain level is also similar, or even lower. The main difference is the final look of your lips and the longevity of the aesthetic cosmetic procedure, as some of the traditional lip fillers can absorb in a shorter time. The Russian lip filler is famous for the special shape that can offer and can give you a doll-like look enhancing your cupid’s bow and giving a natural look to both your upper and lower lip.



Does your aesthetic clinic offer only Russian lip filler?


At Medical Cosmetics you can get different types of lip augmentation procedures, according to your wish for the final look. Our lip enhancement procedures are mainly focused on enlargement, reshaping, and rejuvenation of the lips, but can also help you achieve a more defined and smooth look.

To find out more about the lip fillers that we use, you can see this page


Who can get a Russian lip filler?

The procedure is adequate for natural lips, as well as for lips that have already undergone an enlargement cosmetic treatment. For a personalized experience, you will need to mention at the initial consultation any other procedure that has been applied before and how much time has passed since your last filler treatment. If you have natural lips, the Russian lip filler technique might look even better for your lips.


What are the risks of Russian lip filler injections?

At Medical Cosmetics, you can rest assured that you are in experienced hands. Our team of aesthetic doctors are specialized in these cosmetic procedures and will make sure you have a safe and pleasant experience with us.
As with any aesthetic cosmetic procedure that involves injections, the Russian lip filler treatment can result in swelling and redness at the injection site. These effects are temporary and will reside after a short period of time. If you experience any side effects that worry you, please contact our team as soon as you notice them. We will be glad to offer you any support you might need.


Can I get more than one Russian lip filler treatment?

If you wish to repeat the procedure after a certain period of time, you can schedule an appointment with our doctors for a personalized consultation.

The effects of the Russian lip filler last for as long as 12 months, and you can repeat the procedure after this time has passed.

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