Top aesthetic clinic, Medical Cosmetics is urging those living in cities and urban areas to be skin smart as summer heats up. While sun cream is often thought of as a holiday essential, it’s also just as important to use a good quality SPF as part of the daily beauty routine at home to help protect against skin cancer and premature ageing.


Prevent Wrinkles and Uneven Pigmentation caused by UV at Nottingham Cosmetics Clinic

Nottingham-based Medical Cosmetics is seeing a sharp increase in enquires for treatments aimed at combating wrinkles and uneven pigmentation caused by UV rays which damage the skin of holiday lovers and city dwellers alike. UK cities have also been under scrutiny lately due to reports of high levels of air pollution, which also has a role to play in poor skin health and makes the use of SPF even more important.

Nottingham Cosmetics Clinic skin treatments

One of the most popular treatment for those visiting the Nottingham clinic wishing to erase some of the signs of previous sun damage is Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion. For those who are guilty of venturing out without sun cream, this treatment sloughs off dead or damaged skin cells to reveal a healthier, glowing complexion.

In order to keep skin in tip-top condition, Dr Asher from the clinic is promoting the use of a good quality SPF as part of the daily beauty routine to fight back against the damage caused by UV rays and act as a barrier against airborne pollution.


Microdermabrasion at Nottingham Cosmetics Clinic

“Many people automatically assume that they won’t burn in the sun unless they are on holiday abroad, but this simply isn’t the case,” says Dr Asher Siddiqi from Medical Cosmetics.

microdermabrasion SPF vital procedure

“UV rays are present all over the world, and those that live in the city are just as likely to damage their skin here as they would in warmer climates. In cities especially, we have the added risk of airborne pollutants causing damage to the skin and increasing the risk of premature ageing.”

Medical Cosmetics offers free consultations for those who wish to improve their skin health and fight back against pollution and UV rays. From microdermabrasion to a wide range of facial treatments, clients can discuss their skin care goals with the experienced and qualified team before opting for the ideal treatment and aftercare to ensure healthy skin all year round.



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