A splash of water here, a bit of soap there… there’s really not much that’s needed to keep the skin clean, although keeping the skin healthy often requires a little more effort.

The problem with creating a skincare routine, however, is that it’s not always easy to commit to spending time tending to the skin each and every day, both morning and night. So what are the best ways to create a sustainable routine we can all stick to?


How to create Sustainable Skincare Routine?


Keep it simple

Cleansers, toners, essences, emulsions, serums, creams, moisturisers… the list of lotions and potions that you could include in your skincare routine is never ending. However, the Korean-style 10-step routine isn’t for everyone, especially if you don’t have a lot of time in the mornings. In terms of sustainability, keep it quick and simple, as it’s much easier to stick to a routine that’s speedy and uncomplicated. At first, stick to the basics — cleanse, tone, and moisturise — and add extra steps in as you get used to doing it.


Skincare Routine Create a schedule

long-lasting treatments with sustainable log lasting treatments

It’s important to note that while some skincare products are intended to be used daily, others are designed as periodic treatments, such as chemical exfoliants, for example. Using these types of treatments daily could result in dry or irritated skin, which can make some people throw in the towel because they’re not seeing desired results. When starting a skincare routine, it’s worth taking a little time to create a schedule, looking at which products you’ll use, and when. This can make it much easier to stick to the plan.


Choose long-lasting treatments

If you are concerned that, even with a simple, scheduled skincare routine, you’ll still find it challenging to stick to your plan, then look to create a sustainable skincare routine that doesn’t have to be followed each and every day. Of course, moisturising your skin regularly is an important step towards healthy, glowing skin, but there are ways to minimise the amount of effort you have to put in. The effects of microdermabrasion, for example, can last for weeks, while the benefits of skin peels can last for up to 2 years.


Don’t sweat it

Sticking to a skincare routine is a bit like sticking to a diet, and many of us go into it with the same frame of mind: that if we fall off the wagon, we may as well stay off the wagon. The truth is that forgetting to moisturise one morning before leaving the house isn’t the end of the world, and it certainly won’t undo all of your hard work. The ultimate key to a sustainable skincare routine is simply doing it when you can, and not worrying about those times you can’t. Don’t give up. Healthy skin is more resilient than you think!

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