Following the increase in aesthetic beauty treatments available on the high street, top East Midlands cosmetics clinic, Medical Cosmetics is urging those thinking of trying an aesthetic treatment to insist on a consultation before going ahead.


Aesthetic Beauty Consultations


With many big high street names now offering lunchbreak filler treatments and more salons offering a wide range of injectables, many clients are putting themselves at risk of receiving unexpected results, potentially at the hands of an inexperienced or not qualified practitioner.

Medical Cosmetics’ Dr Asher Siddiqi insists that consultation should become essential for anyone considering any form of aesthetic beauty treatment. This initial meeting is used to explain the procedure in more detail, will allow customers to discuss the results they are expecting from the treatment and also talk about any aftercare needed afterwards.

With many providers failing to provide a free-of-charge consultation, results for the client can vary and lead to disappointment and, in some cases, complaints.


Dr Siddiqi about Free of Charge Cosmetic Consultations

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“With the popularity of aesthetic treatments rising here in the UK, many people are being tempted by lower-cost treatments that often do not include a free initial consultation,” says Dr Siddiqi.

“Not only does a consultation give the client the chance to discuss their needs and expectations before going ahead with the procedure, but it is the duty of the provider to assess that person’s suitability for the treatment, explain what will happen during the procedure and give aftercare instructions. This is something that we insist on at Medical Cosmetics.

“Without it, the results received can vary and the client is left with the risk of  complications or an unsatisfactory outcome without the correct information, so it really is an essential part of any good quality service.”

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