Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

With the change in lifestyle in the 20th century, stretch marks occurrence on the human body has become really common. They usually occur during pregnancy, the sudden change in weight, and in teenagers who go through a growth spurt. These marks are caused by skin stretching or increase of cortisone hormone in the system. Too much stretching or the hormone can make the skin lose its elasticity due to which stretch marks are formed.

Stretch marks can be seen as red or pink lines initially, subsequently fading to a silver-white colour with time. They appear in groups as parallel lines over the skin and look like small scars. They can show up on any part of the body and can affect men and women. However, they are most noticeably found in areas such as stomach, chest, hips, buttocks and upper arms. Though these marks are harmless, it can affect one’s confidence and make the person insecure concerning his or her body. The summer season especially becomes challenging and uncomfortable for them. More often than not, we simply try to cover these areas up where stretch marks can be seen.

At Medical Cosmetics clinic in Nottingham, we are proud to provide stretch mark removal treatment to our clients. Our procedure is safe and cost-effective. The results of the treatment will be visibly noticeable in a handful of days, depending on your skin condition and the extent of stretch mark presence.

What is Stretch Mark Removal Treatment?

At Medical Cosmetics Clinic, we use eDermastamp for body stretch mark removal treatment. This advanced electronic technique stimulates collagen production, tissue formation and catalyses the blood flow, ultimately leading to complete skin rejuvenation. It is an advanced form of medical skin needling used to treat scars, deep wrinkles and stretch marks.

How does it work?

A small headpiece consisting of a large number of ultra-fine needles is glided over the target area of the body. The increased collagen production around the area helps reduce the stretch marks significantly. The microneedle device can allow as many as 150 pricks per second. Depending on your current skin and medical condition, multiple sessions of the treatment may be required. The results may vary for each individual.

What areas can be treated?

Major areas of the body affected by stretch marks can be remedied through this procedure.

How much does treatment cost?

Stretch Mark Removal Treatment at Medical Cosmetics clinic starts from £150. An initial consultation may be required for us to understand your current skin condition and requirements and finalise the number of sessions for treatment accordingly.

Our medical micro-needling treatment will remove your visible stretch marks and help you regain that lost body confidence. Talk to us in case you have any questions regarding the procedure or your skin condition. Book a free consultation with us today. Just click on the ‘BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION’ tab and share the requested details. Our support team will correspond with you at the earliest. You may even drop us a line on 0115 981 8801.

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