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Dr Siddiqi and his team are specialists in wrinkle treatment with Botulinum toxin and other anti-wrinkle methods without surgery. Today you can achieve a fresh and refreshed look with excellent and safe products. The developments of the last years are your advantage. Due to his specialisation and experience, Dr Siddiqi can treat you safely and cost-efficient with Botox Nottingham and give excellent expert advice.

Your advantages

The active ingredient “Botulinum toxin” or “Botolinum” is now used worldwide in beauty medicine and is better known under the brand name Botox ®. For smoothing mimic wrinkles, it is the best choice. The application needs sensitivity and experience.

  • Cheap, speedy improvement.
  • Fast, painless and uncomplicated.
  • Manageable risks and side effects.
  • Tested and researched for more than 30 years.

Botox treatment

Over the last few years, this method has been approved for further medical treatments as well. So Botulinum toxin is used not only aesthetically but also for medical application (see below).

  • Forehead (worry lines, front cross folds, thinker folds)
  • Wrinkles
  • Laugh lines around the eyes
  • Lip wrinkles
  • Neck wrinkles
  • Wrinkles on the décolleté
  • Wrinkles on the nose root (also: Bunny Lines)

Often, younger patients come to our practice in order to prevent wrinkles. At a younger age, the “yes or no” for the application should be considered carefully. Get a non-committal consultation appointment in Nottingham at our clinic with Dr Siddiqi.

More of Botox does not necessarily mean “more good”. The right dosage for your face in coordination with your individual facial features and anatomy is what matters. Experience and a close look play an important role. Good doctors know that and avoid your facial expressions to look “frozen”.


Simply speaking, “with the help of botulinum toxin, the muscles are being immobilised”. Thus, the skin relaxes, and the wrinkles become smoother or disappear completely. In the case of a follow-up treatment at specific time intervals, the skin in the area of the treated zones has an ever finer image, because these areas are no longer stressed mechanically and the re-growing skin layers remain intact.

Effect begins after 3 – 10 days.

After about 3 – 4 months, the effect slowly decreases.

Note: For deep wrinkles, the recommendation is to additionally perform a wrinkle injection with fillers such as hyaluronic acid.


What is Botox?

The active ingredient of Botox® is “botulinum toxin”. Originally it was first approved as a drug in childhood neurological muscle disorders in the late 1970s in the United States. Here, a relaxation of the muscles could be achieved in muscle cramps. In ophthalmology, botulinum toxin was also used successfully in eyelid cramps (blepharospasm).

By blocking the conduction between nerve and muscle, it was possible to relax the muscles. Later botulinum toxin was also used in other areas. Today, this effective substance is often and very successfully used both medically necessary and in the aesthetic field. The drug was researched in years of research work on its effects and tolerability. Therefore, its use is safe, versatile and permanently possible.

Further therapies

In addition to its use in beauty medicine, Botox® is also used in other indications:

For migraine

Since the end of 2011, botulinum has been approved by law as a treatment for migraines. Background to this were the following observations:

Patients suffering from a migraine which had been injected with Botox (active ingredient: botulinum toxin) reported fewer migraine attacks or a weaker course. This random observation is currently the subject of extensive research.

Against sweating

In case of excessive sweating, the therapy can also be a solution. Botox treatment provides a good and low-side effect alternative to the surgical removal of sweat glands in the underarm area or the reduction of sweat glands by suction.

Heavy sweating on the hands and soles can also be effectively treated with botulinum toxin.

Against depression

According to recent studies, the treatment of wrinkles and thus relaxation in this area leads to an improvement of the depressive symptoms. Based on feedback with the brain and a negative association with the tension of this muscle group, it could be found that the relaxation of this area leads to a more positive mood.

Please note:

Although Botox suggests an improvement in depression, one should not focus on this sort of therapy alone, but very importantly seek the help of a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy.

With teeth grinding

Teeth grinding (bruxism) is very common in the population. Mostly it occurs at night. The patients unconsciously clench their teeth. Over time, the over and over pressing results in overloading the jaw joint with increased tooth wear and tensing of the masticatory muscles, resulting in pain and malfunction.

The treatment here is via the injection into the jaw muscle (note: the strongest muscle in the human body). It does not treat the cause, but weakening the muscles will transfer less force to the TMJ and teeth. As the only treatment option, this form of treatment is not sufficient enough. But it is considered an effective remedy for teeth grinding and averting worse consequences.

Cosmetically, the use of botulinum toxin for this muscle is also an option. The muscular weakening also leads to a reduction of the muscle and thus to the narrowing of the face in this area. Especially Asian patients often come with the desire to reduce their angular facial features by the weakening of the masseter muscle and to get a softer face shape.

Side effects & risks

Any medical treatment can have side effects and risks. With our patients, we clarify many factors before (for example, allergies, pregnancy, illnesses). If side effects occur, these are limited in time, as well as the effects of botulinum toxin are not permanent.


With Botox, wrinkles on the face and neck can be smoothed very well. But we want to be honest: even this treatment has its limits, and we all have to age. Those who want more should consider the option of a surgical procedure, in the sense of a facelift. For this, we are very happy to advise you.

In our experience, risks and side effects are in a healthy relationship to success. We are always cautious as we want to avoid the excessive use, as in some “celebrity mishaps”.

With us, you shall receive solid and reliable services. Our goal is to achieve a discreet and natural result for you.