Genuine Dermaroller™: Fine pins for skin rejuvenation

The idea may not sound very pleasing at first: a roller spiked with hundreds of tiny needles should be rolled over the skin of the face for skin rejuvenation. But the small needles cause barely visible injuries, from which a little blood escapes. Although the method is slightly harsh, the so-called micro-needling is a new and very successful application to improve the appearance of the skin. The original Dermaroller is the device with which the promising treatment is carried out.

Needle-filled roller

Not just on the face: The Dermaroller improves the appearance of the body skin.

The Dermaroller can be used with different findings. These include wrinkles in the corner of the eye, flat scar tissue and acne scars and also for pigmentation disorders. Even stretch marks can be improved with the small roller.

How does the Dermaroller work?

The specialist describes the therapy with the Dermaroller as percutaneous collagen induction therapy. The name reveals the purpose of treatment: through small punctures in the skin (percutaneously) the organism is stimulated to form collagen. This protein is an essential component of human skin as well as bones, cartilage and tendons. The collagen fibres have by their structure immense stability. They give the skin its flexibility and elasticity. However, as it ages, the skin loses the ability to incorporate collagen into the subcutaneous tissue. The result: The dermis, the skin layer under the epidermis, becomes thinner, wrinkles develop. The minor injuries caused by the Dermaroller provoke the skin nerves, which in turn stimulate the nearest cells to collagen production to close the puncture injury.

This happens when the Dermaroller is used

First of all, one has to differentiate the medical from the cosmetic application of the Dermaroller. The dermatologist uses the device in deeper layers of the skin than the beautician, who uses the device only superficially.

Important: As a patient, you should have stopped taking blood-thinning medications two weeks before the treatment because otherwise, coagulation problems may occur. Moisturising creams, on the other hand, support the self-healing powers of the skin. On the day of therapy, you should refrain from make-up.

Before the session starts, the entire area of the skin is disinfected. Subsequently, a special cream is applied, which has a mild anaesthetic effect. This largely eliminates the sensation of pain. After the onset of action, the remnants of the cream are removed. Now the doctor rolls the Dermaroller over the skin for about 20 minutes in all directions. The local anaesthesia alleviates the punctures of the approximately 2600 microneedles. Small drops of blood show up on the surface. The skin is then blotted with a disinfecting solution. Externally, the treated skin zones are now slightly red (like a sunburn) and may feel a bit warm and tighter than usual. These are entirely natural processes as well as the proof that the therapy begins to work. The skin starts to work immediately, and the wound healing processes get started. The redness disappears after about one to three days.

The Genuine Dermaroller therapy usually consists of three treatment sessions with about six weeks between the sessions. However, in some more severe cases (deep acne scarring etc.) further proceedings may be required.

Please note: Since collagen production is a long-term process, it takes up to two months for the final result to become visible.

*Treatment results vary as every skin is different. Therefore we cannot guarantee particular treatment results.