Gummy Smile

How do I get rid of a “Gummy Smile”?

When you are laughing, you not only show your teeth but unfortunately also too much of your gums? Then you have a so-called gummy smile. This means that the ratio of tooth, gum and upper lip is imbalanced.

The beauty of those affected is then often unpleasantly disturbed.

Many people perceive a striking gum smile as disturbing, “fake” and aesthetically unappealing. The proportions have an irritating effect on the counterpart and thus trigger increased uncertainty. The affected people avoid laughing or try to change the facial expressions somehow and experience a high level of emotional stress due to the visual impairments. In addition to the aesthetic, the psychological component is an essential motive for intervention.

How Botox helps

Botulinum is an excellent treatment option if, as an indication, an overdeveloped lifting muscle causes the upper lip to be raised too much when laughing (more than 3 mm beyond the gum line). With a small botulinum toxin injection into the lifting muscle of the upper gums, the problem can be significantly reduced, so that the upper lip can be relaxed and can no longer be pulled upwards and thus no gums can become visible. The effect of Botox lasts about four months, after which the substance is completely degraded by the organism. For a lasting treatment result then a refreshing treatment is necessary.

At a glance:

What is a Gummy Smile?

Gum Smile (Gummy = Gum) – The ratio of tooth, gum, and upper lip is out of balance

For which indication is treatment suitable?

Overdeveloped upper lift muscle (elevation of more than 3 mm beyond gingival margin)

How does the treatment work?

A minimal botulinum injection in the inner muscles of the upper lip – relaxation of the muscle tension and thus significant lowering of the upper lip. The complete effect occurs after about 4-7 days,  and the gums are barely or no longer visible when laughing.

The effect lasts for about six months (subsequent refreshment necessary)

How much does the treatment cost?

The treatment costs start at £129.

*Results may vary from patient to patient. We cannot guarantee particular results.