Jaw Line Reduction

Why reduce the jawline?

A youthful, beautiful face is characterised mainly by volume in the areas of the zygomatic bone and outer cheekbones. A classic “beautiful” face is constructed like a triangle standing upside-down.

The zygomatic region determines the broad base. It may be that “the tip of this upside-down triangle” becomes wide and the face moves away from a look that is perceived as beautiful.

This may be due to a displacement of volume by gravity and release of support structures from the cheek or by a broadening due to a strong muscle.

Narrowing of the face with pronounced masticatory muscle

The chewing muscle may grow disproportionately when predisposed or under severe stress such as nocturnal teeth grinding, jaw pressing or frequent chewing of chewing gum.

As a result, the lower jaw and the face appear wider and more angular than it would normally be the case.

Prevent tooth damage

In order to protect the teeth – so against the so-called bruxism – and a desire for a narrower lower face, the Masseter muscle is treated with botulinum toxin (Botox®).

Facial narrowing with Botox® without surgery

The actual treatment only takes a few minutes. After the injection, you may experience mild bruising or a slight redness of the area, which will sometimes not even be visible to others.

After the Botox® treatment, the muscle slowly softens and reduces in size. By its lesser volume, it no longer determines the width of the lower face so much.

The Jawline is getting visibly thinner. This leads to intentional facial constriction, especially in the posterior region of the mandible. The effect of the Botox® treatment starts after about one week and is complete after about 14 days. Until the decrease in thickness of the M. Masseter becomes visible, one has to be patient for about four weeks.

The effect lasts for 3-6 months. In some cases even longer.

Costs of a Jaw Line reduction treatment

The costs of a Jawline reduction with Botox starts at £395. The treatment is of course made on an outpatient basis. There is no restriction of social ability.

Please note:

When narrowing the face with botulinum toxin (Botox®), you should relax for the rest of the day. No sports etc.

*Results can vary as every patient is different. We cannot guarantee particular results.

Consultation on Jawline reduction with Botox without surgery

We cordially invite you to consult our Medical Cosmetics practice rooms in Nottingham to speak about the subject and to have a personal appointment to explain the treatment methods for Jawline reduction with and without Botox®. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on all available treatment options and to answer all your questions.

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