Mesotherapy is a treatment that has been practised in France for over 50 years with great success. It is a synthesis of neural therapy, acupuncture and medication therapy. The fields of application of mesotherapy are extraordinarily versatile and affect the most diverse medical areas.

Here at Medical Cosmetics in Nottingham, we offer the so-called aesthetic Mesotherapy (Mesolift), which is dedicated to the problems of ageing skin. Taylor made for every skin condition, different sterile, skin-tightening agents such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coenzymes and/or un-crosslinked hyaluronic acid are used during the mesolift by means of finest microinjections in the middle (“meso”) layer of the skin. This leads to an improvement of the cell metabolism and the cell regeneration as well as to brightening and improved blood circulation of the skin.

From this middle skin layer, the active ingredients diffuse for 1 to 2 weeks into the underlying connective tissue, thus ensuring a uniform and long-lasting effect. This procedure also ensures that the treatment is well tolerated with virtually no side effects or bruising*.

The so-called mesolift effect causes an increased basic tension and firmness of the skin and thus an effective smoothing of fine superficial wrinkles – skin revitalisation and pure skin rejuvenation!

The treatment can also be used for body-sculpturing and the reduction of cellulite.  

Do you have the impression that your skin is becoming increasingly slack, is poorly supplied with blood, and you are getting more and more wrinkles? A Mesotherapy (Mesolift) in our Medical Cosmetics Clinic in Nottingham can bring you and your skin back to full radiance.

Aesthetic mesotherapy does not promise to make wrinkles disappear completely. Instead, it is an essential treatment to improve the appearance of the skin as a whole. Radiance, elasticity, blood circulation and moisture-binding capacity of the skin are enhanced.

The Mesotherapy (Mesolift) is particularly suitable for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, for the treatment of thicker wrinkles, we offer other methods of wrinkle treatment.

In a personal consultation, our expert Dr Siddiqi and his team will work with you to find the most suitable method for skin smoothing or wrinkle treatment.

A mesotherapy session takes approx. 15 minutes. Depending on the extent, 1-5 mesotherapy treatments over a period of 6-8 weeks may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

In order to carry out the treatments painlessly, the use of so-called “meso pistols” and the accurate performance of the special meso-injection techniques are essential requirements.

With Dr Siddiqi and his Medical Cosmetics team, you are always in the best hands.

*Right after the treatment, you might experience slight redness, swelling, minor bruising and discomfort for one or two days.

After Mesotherapy (Mesolift), there is no special post-treatment of the skin required.

Treatment costs start at £175. 

Please note, treatment results can vary as every patient, and every skin type is different. So we cannot guarantee the results.