Nu Lift

A diminishing volume in the face can lead to unwanted results over the years: the natural fullness decreases and the facial features appear more severe and less fresh. The resistance of the tissue in the face also decreases, which can lead to a lowering of proportions of the face. But the formation of so-called hollow cheeks or a reduced fullness of the cheekbones are examples of an unwanted decrease in volume of affected parts of the face.

This is where the action of the new Nu Lift technique comes into play: Nu Lift is a combination of dermal fillers and the latest aesthetics techniques. Injected into the skin, Nu Lift instantly starts to work.

It leads to an increase in volume and a filling and lifting effect of the treated areas in the course of the treatment. The face regains its natural fullness and freshness, and specific areas can be accentuated.

More volume with NU Lift

With NU Lift we can indeed improve the appearance of your skin and make your face look younger and fresher immediately.

The procedure is carried out at our Medical Cosmetics beauty clinic in Nottingham in a friendly and professional atmosphere. You will be well looked after and feel comfortable with us.

The treatment

The Nu Lift treatment will be performed, using a mild, local anaesthetic before the actual start of the procedure to make sure, the treatment with fine injection needles (for the fillers) and other techniques will be as painless as possible. 

Right after the Nu Lift treatment, you will be able to see the positive results which will even improve further within a short time. Your skin will look fresh, natural and vitalised.

The positive effects of a NU Lift treatment typically last about 12-18 months.

You might experience some redness and minor swelling right after the treatment, but it will disappear completely after a short time.

For important appointments, you can easily cover it with some makeup and concealer.


NU Lift treatment costs start at £590.

Of course, in a personal consultation, we would be glad to provide you with comprehensive information about the possibilities for wrinkle injection and work out an individually tailored treatment plan together with you.

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Please note: Treatment results vary as every person and every skin type responds to treatments differently. So we cannot guarantee particular results.