Platysmal Bands

Wrinkles and “weak” skin are unsightly signs of ageing, which particularly catch the eye when the facial skin is still comparatively smooth and firm. The reason for the early emergence of neck wrinkles is often that the skin on the neck and décolleté get comparatively little attention in the daily body care and in some cases, an unhealthy lifestyle may also be a reason.

As a rule, there are several factors responsible for the occurrence of neck wrinkles. The natural ageing process and the permanent effect of the gravitational force is probably the most significant share. As you age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity, and the fat cells around the cheeks, eyes and neck become less, causing the skin to become thinner and thinner. These very natural ageing processes cause a decrease in certain areas of the skin. In addition to natural skin ageing, external conditions can influence the development of neck wrinkles.

The platysmal bands

The narrow, horizontal lines on the neck are reinforced by the decreasing elasticity of the skin and connective tissue. In addition, the neck muscle (Platysma) is not connected to the skeleton and also loses its natural resilience. The chin line loses contour, so often creates a double chin. The vertical sinewy bands which can be seen during speech and other facial expressions, and which emerge more and more with time, are also disturbing.

Here at Medical Cosmetics, we work with conservative (non-surgical), methods.
Botulinum toxin (Botox)

Botulinum toxin causes the nerve to stop passing impulses to the muscles. After a Botox® injection, muscles responsible for facial expressions no longer move, so cannot create new wrinkles. The existing lines smooth themselves out due to lack of tension.


The Platysmal bands occur especially with the facial stress of the cervical muscle. Botulinum toxin injections reduce this activity. The doctor will ask you to stretch your neck and contract your neck muscles and then places a series of Botox® injections along the protruding bands.

Filler method (hyaluronic acid)

This organic compound is well tolerated and has many functions in the body: it ensures, for example, in the intervertebral discs for dimensional stability despite the stress. Their most outstanding feature, however, is to bind large quantities of water. This predestines them to provide inverted or dwindled tissue with the new volume.


Along the horizontal folds, a filler injection is made from the sides to the middle. Alternatively, a series of punctiform injections may be placed along the fold.


For a smooth result, the doctor carefully models and distributes the introduced filler after the injection. Then the neck is cooled. More than one treatment is usually not necessary.

After the treatment

In rare cases, the treated areas may look slightly red for a little while right after the procedure.

After 2-3 days, the first effects of the treatment can be seen. The full effect will be visible after 10-14 days.

The effects of a Platysmal bands treatment usually lasts for 3 and six months.


The treatment cost starts at £395.

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Please note: Treatment results vary as every person, and every skin is different so we cannot guarantee particular results.