Skin Peel

Chemical Peeling is a proven treatment for wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, acne, sagging skin, hormone stains or melasma. In addition to laser and plastic surgery, the various exfoliation procedures are recommended treatment methods of aesthetic dermatology.

“What is peeling?”

“Peeling” is an external, aesthetic-dermatological treatment of the skin with natural fruit acids, chemical acids or mechanical abrasion. Exfoliation is useful for ameliorating or eliminating skin or age-related skin lesions, wrinkles, pigmentation marks and superficial acne scars and firming the skin. In chemical peeling methods, a distinction is made between superficial peeling, medium-deep peeling and deep peeling – depending on how aggressively the skin is affected and removed.

“How does exfoliation work?”

During chemical peeling, fruit acids or other substances are applied to the skin. They invade the upper layers of the skin at different depths, dissolve old, hard layers and stimulate the epidermis to regenerate. Collagen fibres, ground substance and elastin, are increasingly formed in the dermis, water is bound in the skin. Overall, there is a restructuring and thickening of the skin, the moisture content of the skin increases. The skin looks smoother and more youthful overall. Sun damage, pigmentation and fine wrinkles are reduced or eliminated if they are not too deep.

TCA exfoliation(moderate depth) and Unideep peeling(deep peeling) are dermatological-aesthetic procedures to beautify the skin.

TCA means trichloroacetic acid. After applying to the skin, TCA penetrates into the upper layers of the skin, dissolves old horny layers and stimulates the epidermis for regeneration. Collagen fibres, ground substance and elastin, are increasingly formed in the dermis. Water is bound in the skin. Overall, there is a restructuring that increases the moisture content of the skin. Overall, the skin looks smoother, healthier, rosier and more youthful. Solar cell damage and fine wrinkles are reduced or eliminated if they are not too deep.

Obagi Blue Peel

The so-called blue peeling is a modified TCA peeling. This treatment exfoliates and improves the overall complexion. A tighter, smoother and more radiant skin will be notified instantly.

Alumier peelings
  • Radiant 20/10

This moderate depth peeling combines strong alpha- and beta hydroxy acids.

It rejuvenates the skin, reduces acne by minimising pimples and large pores.

  • Radiant 30

This is also moderate depth peeling uses alpha hydroxy acid and lactic acid to decrease the signs of ageing and also works against hyperpigmentation. This exfoliation technique is used to improve the tone and texture of the skin plus targets many other skin issues.

  • Glow

This is also a moderate depth peeling. The powerful brightening/resurfacing peeling method improves the visible signs of ageing and also works for hyperpigmentation problems in a rather short time. Glow peelings can be individually customised to suit different skin types- and conditions.

The treatment

Before the treatment, the skin is degreased, cleaned and pre-treated with a prep-solution. After that, the peeling acid is applied. You will notice a mild tingling and stinging (in milder, not so deep peelings), possibly a slight burning and heat sensation. During deeper peelings, the skin turns red and white within a few minutes.

Once specific endpoints are achieved, the peeling aspect of the procedure is finished. Your practitioner will then apply the necessary post peel creams including SPF to protect the skin following treatment.

All of our peelings are very effective and the ‘down time’ is very short. This means you can continue with work and social activities shortly after the procedure.


The longevity of a peeling treatment depends on the original indication for the peeling, the depth and strength of the peeling and on how well the patient follows the post-treatment skin care procedures/maintenance at home.

Depending on what has been treated, the effects can last a couple of years or even be permanent.

For anti-ageing treatment purposes, we recommend regular peeling treatments. Our team will certainly advise you.


The costs of our peeling treatments start at £45.

Please note: As every person and every skin is different, we cannot guarantee a particular treatment result.