If you’ve never had a Botox treatment before, it can be difficult to know what to expect when you arrive for your first treatment at our Botox clinic in Nottingham.

Many people new to Botox have visions of hundreds of needles presented on a silver tray like you’d expect to see in the hospital and a lot of pain, but this is a massive misconception.

Botox is a straightforward and relatively pain-free procedure when carried out by a skilled practitioner, or in the case of Medical Cosmetics, a qualified doctor. Here’s the real low-down on what you can expect from your first Botox treatment so you can push your fears aside and start to discover the benefits for yourself.


First Botox Treatment: What does it actually do?

first botox treatments Does it hurt

To get a better idea about what’s going to happen during your Botox treatment, you first need to understand how Botox works. Basically, Botox blocks the signals from the brain to the muscles in the area you’re having treated and inhibits muscular contractions, hence fewer wrinkles.


Does that mean my face will be frozen forever?

Nope, again this is a myth surrounding Botox. Rest assured that you will still be able to laugh, smile and frown, just with far less visible wrinkles.


First Botox treatment: Does it hurt?

Many people think that Botox treatments are painful, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Botox is a series of little injections which although can be slightly uncomfortable at times, isn’t as excruciatingly painful as people make out.

There are no buckets of blood either, and many people who have experienced Botox treatments and are enjoying their benefits have likened it to a flu jab, only it’s over much quicker.


What about recovery time?

first botox treatment recovery time at Medical Cosmetics Nottingham

Although our specialist Botox treatments in Nottingham are delivered by a fully qualified doctor, there is absolutely no recovery time needed so you can have your treatment in your lunch hour and are then completely free to go about your day as usual.

One thing we do suggest is that you stay away from skin care products with active ingredients for a few days to let the Botox work its magic.

And the results?

Our clients just love our Botox treatments as you can see visible results in just days, and they last from three to four months, so you’ll have a completely smooth effect that looks totally natural for weeks and weeks to come.

To find out more about our Botox treatments, get in touch with a member of the Medical Cosmetics team today.

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