With winter well and truly set in, it is common to notice changes in the skin and how it is behaving. Maybe it is starting to feel much tighter and dehydrated? Or are small spots appearing around the jawline that normally aren’t there?

There is a simple explanation for this: the weather!

Things to Know about Winter Skincare Routine


winter skincare advice

Due to the low humidity of the cold winter months and the drying effects from having the heating on more consistently we lose water from the glue that holds our skin cells together which results in less moisture being retained by the skin that keeps it from feeling hydrated and fresh.

So for an already dry and dehydrated skin this starts to become worse, the skin can feel even tighter, there can be flaking and cracking, sometimes even a burning sensation! And in an oil skin where the water content is already low the skin tries to produce more oily to make up for this lack of moisture which in turn causes the pores to become clogged and spots to form. The reason these breakouts are more commonly seen around the jawline is that we tend to snuggle up in scarfs and high necked coats to keep the cold off our faces, this extra contact however means that oil is being spread around the lower half of the face and the spots start multiplying and become worse.


Winter skincare essentials


What can you do to remedy these issues? Firstly, we want to make sure a gentle cleanser is being used, something nice and hydrating. Anything that is relatively aggressive – maybe it has a high salicylic acid content – is going to cause further moisture loss and irritated skin.

Secondly, a thicker and richer moisturizer can be used to replace as much as possible of that lost water and help to lock it into the skin.  Don’t worry though if you do have an oily skin and the thought of a rich moisturizer makes you cringe, there are options available that are tailored to this skin type that will help to lock in that moisture without leaving the skin feeling greasy. It’s all about finding the right product for you!

alumier hydradew moisturizer for winter skincare routine

In a non lockdown world we would also be encouraging you to try hydration treatments such as hydro facial or an Alumier MD masks treatment to boost those moisture levels as high as possible for you to continue using home products leaving the skin feeling protected and ready to face all the elements that winter weather brings.

There are options though and if you would like to discuss this with one of our skincare professionals please do drop us a comment below or an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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